He is the best..

Dr. Mattai has been my doctor for a long time and I am so comfortable with him.

He care about me and not just the money.

The awesome one there is. He care about me and not just the money.

I've been seeing Dr. Mattai for some years.

He's an incredibly good doctor, and I trust him to handle my medical care for a number of reasons: He's a great listener and respects your input and viewpoint about treatment. He goes out of his way to make sure that you get what you need - the right combination of medication and therapy. He's exceptionally responsive - he's quick to return emails and phone calls. He's an out of the box thinker who suggests life changes alongside medication. His demeanor is calm, collected, open, and kind. Most importantly, he keeps fighting for you until you've achieved the goals you had when you first came to see him. And, he acts like a real human being. I find interactions with him to be warm and genuine.

It's impossible to write this review without giving kudos to Dr. Mattai's other practitioners. They are incredible. Lauren Barris is the therapist Dr. Mattai pared me with and she has changed my life for the better in a profound way. I think about her guidance when I hit life's inevitable bumps, and her words and techniques get me through them. She's always available for counseling outside of sessions and her advice is on point. Lauren's non-judgemental, caring, and wants to see you make progress and get well. Invariably, my time with her feels like money well spent. I continuously get value out of our sessions, and I know I'll carry the work we are doing with me for the rest of my life.

As for the folks at the front desk, Christina and Emma do a great job at creating a comfortable atmosphere and they do so while respecting privacy and space. I've found them to be cheery and comforting, responsive and supportive, compassionate and cordial. They are excellent at executing and are quick to get me whatever I need. I really appreciate the work that they do.

Finally, I read the one-star review that's given here, which claimed that Dr. Mattai was narcissistic. That couldn't be further from the truth. Total bunk. I guess it's fair to say that not all personalities mesh. Perhaps Dr. Mattai was the wrong doctor for this individual. But, Dr. Mattai is so easy going. I find it hard to believe that HIS words or deeds are what caused a jarring interaction. I'm going on four years with Dr. Mattai, and I've seen plenty of pdocs over my lifetime. He's truly top-notch.